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This Web Page Last Updated: January 23, 2006

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This page contains miscellaneous items from Soviet Union train sets that we currently have in inventory. Note that motive power and rolling stock are located on our Soviet Union Engines and Cars web page, accessories are located on our Soviet Union Accessories web page, and complete sets (if any) are located on our Soviet Union Sets web page.

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Miscellaneous U.S.S.R. Items from Stalin-era & Khrushchev Era Sets
Item GradePhotoPriceDetails
Set Box Artwork Repro (Ex.) Yes $ 50 A very nice copy of the Artwork found on a wooden set box from 1955.

This attractive label was produced in muted colors and appears to be an artist's rendition of a typical railroad scene. A USSR-style diesel locomotive with five passenger cars is the most prominent element in the setting. The background includes multiple track lines, a three-light block signal, a gooseneck lamp post, a large passenger station, some well-dressed people, mountains in the distance, a tunnel and cloudy skies. The title at the bottom of the label reads "Electrical Railroad" in Cyrillic. There is some fine print on the beige border below that, including the date that the label was made -- "31-VIII-55" -- (August 31, 1955).

Measures 8 1/2 inches high by 16 inches wide. A small white margin exists to allow for framing. The photo reflects the flaws of the existing original artwork that was used to produce these copies: some stains, scratches, water marks, creases, paint loss, tears, etc., are visible but they are all minor and do little to detract from the appearance! Overall, the copy is excellent! In addition, I know of no finer copy of this artwork available for sale.
Click here to go to Our Archives Page to read more about Soviet Set Boxes.
Copy of original Instruction Manual Repro -- $ 15
A photocopy of the March, 1957 instruction manual with an English translation.
Copy of original Instruction Manual Repro -- $ 10
A photocopy of any one of the following instruction manuals (in Cyrillic, no English translation):
November 1951, August 1952, February 1954, May 1955,
September 1955, November 1956, March 1957, March 1958,
September 1958, August 1964, November 1967
SPECIAL: Any three for $25.

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