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Reference Charts for Postwar Lionel Trains

This Web Page Last Updated: December 4, 2023

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These reference charts were developed by Dave's Trains, Inc. in 1996 and are the result of years of research, including personal observations, reviews of existing literature and discussions with others in the hobby. Each chart contains useful information presented in a unique format and they are not sold anywhere else. They are handy for repairmen, operators, dealers, hobbyists, and collectors!

Independent product reviews of these reference charts were published in the following trade magazines:

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Reference Charts for Postwar Lionel Trains
Chart TypeContentsLast RevisedPhoto
Bulb Usage 300 items listed with bulb # & voltage
Sorted by Item number -- NOT Bulb number!
May 2017 Yes
Steamers / Tenders 70 Engines listed with matching Tenders,
54 Tenders listed with matching Engines
December 2023 Yes
Switches / Controllers 20 different switches, controllers & contactors listed
with 68 uses on cars & accessories
March 2003 Yes
Roadnames 40 Roadnames, 26 Advertisers & 8 Government-related
uses on cars & engines listed alphabetically
June 2004 Yes

Price for all 4 Charts is $7.00 -- including postage!

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Postwar Bulb Usage Chart

This chart was designed to be a handy tool for the repairman's bench and resulted from being frustrated with existing literature. Books always seemed to answer the (wrong) question: "What is this bulb used for?" instead of the more important question: "What is the correct bulb for this postwar Lionel item?"

The chart is double-sided with 300 entries showing the correct bulb (lamp) number and voltage for every postwar Lionel item that used a bulb. It is in numerical order by item number, NOT bulb number! Great for the collector or dealer, a MUST for the operator or repairman.

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Postwar Tender Chart

This chart was developed to be a useful reference document for dealers and collectors to help resolve the confusion over which tenders went with which steamers. Since Lionel used various tenders for the same engine and used the same tender for many engines, a document showing the match-ups was needed.

Page 1 lists each steam engine number and the correct-style tender number that goes with each of the 70 postwar engines. The other side lists each postwar tender number and shows which engines went with each of the 54 tenders produced in the postwar era.

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Postwar Switches, Contactors & Controllers Chart

This chart was developed to provide information regarding the correct device to energize accessories and other operating items produced by Lionel in the postwar era. It is useful for operators, dealers, and collectors.

Page 1 lists each postwar accessory and operating piece in numerical order and shows the switch, contactor, or controller that Lionel provided with that item. The other side lists every switch, contactor, and controller available during the postwar years and shows all uses for that device. It is essentially a "where used" listing.

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Postwar Roadnames Chart

This chart was developed to assist those individuals who have a desire to collect all of the items of a particular roadname used by Lionel during the postwar era. Although somewhat whimsical in nature, it provides an inexpensive source of information for the person pursuing a collection with a unique theme.

Page 1 lists every roadname from Alaska Railroad to Western Pacific in alphabetical order and shows the number of every postwar locomotive, caboose, passenger car, and piece of rolling stock bearing that roadname. The other side, similar in concept, lists every private (advertising) label from Airex to Wix in alphabetical order and shows the number of every postwar locomotive, caboose, passenger car and piece of rolling stock displaying that label. A separate section shows every government agency used by Lionel on their postwar motive power and cars.

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