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Hammer & Sickle Soviet Suspension Bridge Hammer & Sickle

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About This Accessory

A metal bridge of stamped-steel construction was included in every Stalin-era and Khrushchev-era train set produced by the Soviet Union in the 1950's and 1960's. The earliest bridge was a magnificent suspension-type span with a bridge abutment on each end. (The later bridge was a very attractive trussed arch-over span with two approaches.)

The early-type bridge measures 22 5/8 inches and includes a 24-inch section of straight track. The bridge is part of the track sequence and has a small metal tag stamped with the number "13" on it; the tag is attached to the underside of the base with a small metal ring. The width of the bridge is 6 inches and the height is 6 inches. The abutments, which are secured to the bridge by metal tabs, measure 8 inches at their widest points.

Each vertical span brace on the bridge has a small stamped, metal piece that is folded around the upright metal rods thus providing a little ornamentation. Finials, which are threaded over black plastic rings on the tops of the posts, add further decoration.

The suspension bridge was first produced in 1951 and although it is not known when manufacturing ceased, it is widely believed that very few were made. Its complicated design probably led to a decision to discontinue it within the first year or two of production. Further adding to the mystery is the fact that the operating instruction manuals contained drawings of the suspension bridge long after it was out of production.

Photos of the rare Soviet Suspension Bridge
Photo of red Soviet Suspension Bridge
Photo of blue Soviet Suspension Bridge


The early suspension bridge can definitely be classified as a Stalin-era item but it is unknown as to when the arch-over bridge was introduced. The suspension bridge has been found in red with gray abutments and also in blue with gray abutments. The arch-over bridge is not easy to find and the suspension bridge is extremely rare.

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