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Hammer & Sickle Soviet Passenger Station Hammer & Sickle

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About This Accessory

The station included in every Stalin-era and Khrushchev-era train set produced by the Soviet Union in the 1950's and 1960's was a very majestic and elaborate structure with many features. The all-metal passenger station came with a horn, interior lighting and outside gooseneck lamps. It is a very colorful accessory consisting of a yellow building with white trim, red roof, green base and blue benches. A red and white sign displaying the word "PIONEERSKAYA" (Pioneer Station) in Cyrillic sits on the roof.

This very ornate piece comes with cathedral-type door and window treatment, fancy light poles and lattice-work benches. Its size is impressive: the base is 19 inches wide by 6 inches deep; the building is 7 inches wide by 3 inches deep by 6 inches high to the top of the sign; the roof is 12 inches long by 4 inches wide. The height from the floor to the top of the lamp posts is 9 inches.

If properly connected using the wiring harness furnished with the set, the horn inside the station is activated when the train passes through the gate crossing. Ironically, while the stations were lighted, the windows were neither transparent nor translucent. This resulted in a functional light on the inside that could only be seen through the small ticket window openings on the sides where the word "KACCA" is displayed. However, a few of the stations were produced with a translucent "PIONEERSKAYA" sign thus allowing a small amount of light to also shine through the opening in the roof. This grand-looking station was first produced in 1951 and although other Soviet items were produced as late as 1969, it is likely that this piece was discontinued much earlier.

Photo of the illuminated Soviet Passenger Station
Photo of Soviet Staion
Photo of Original Box for Station
ABOVE: Very rare original box for the station
Photo of the Sides of 2 Stations
ABOVE: Side view of 2 Stations. (Note colors of roofs, bases & fencing!)
Photo of Rear View of Station
ABOVE: Rear view of the Station.


There are apparently no design differences in the station that was included with the Stalin-era sets versus the Khrushchev-era sets. The only variations that have surfaced result from the colors used to paint the building (yellow or mustard yellow), the base (green or dark green), the benches (metallic blue or light blue), the fencing (blue or green) and the roof (dark red or light red) plus the materials used to construct the sign on the roof of the building. The word "KACCA" on the side is painted in black on most stations and in red on the others. The sign was produced in metal, plastic and cardboard.

The original box -- which is extremely rare -- is made of a fairly sturdy pressed or treated paper product. Unlike some of the other original boxes -- which were made of soft cardboard -- this one is fairly rugged and affords adequate protection for the station. The box measures 19 3/4 inches wide by 6 1/4 inches deep by 9 5/8 inches high. The lid has a cream colored label with black printing.

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