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Dave's Trains, Inc.

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About Dave's Trains, Inc.

This Web Page Last Updated: September 27, 2020

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What's different about our products? We strive for QUALITY -- NOT quantity! We cater to both the collector who likes spectacular Postwar Lionel trains but also to the operator who prefers nice trains that function: superior engines that run, clean freight cars that operate, sharp passenger cars that light and beautiful accessories that work. In addition, we offer very unusual trains from the former Soviet Union. These fascinating items from the Stalin era and the Khrushchev era are scarce and rich in history!

Why buy from us? We search for nice representative samples of Postwar Lionel trains and then we take the time to describe the condition of each item in great detail -- stating every significant flaw! Which of our competitors do that? We also provide you with a minimum of three photos of every item and a minimum of two photos of every original box! Which of our competitors do that?

We go overboard in our packing -- everything is packaged in bubble wrap and is double-boxed (sometimes triple-boxed!) with liberal use of cushioning materials. Our goal is to be the most customer-focused website on the net. We want to be the equivalent of your old-time neighborhood train store where you felt comfortable chatting with the owner, shopping at your leisure, and then enjoying your purchases knowing that you received good value for your money. The way it used to be -- the way it ought to be. We don't have a store with bricks and mortar; what we have is something better -- a 21st Century virtual store that allows anyone in the world to enjoy shopping without the hassles.

We specialize in Lionel trains from a bygone era - those wonderful post WW II years which included:

The late 1940's when couples were starting their families (the baby boomers) and a Lionel train set was routinely found under a Christmas tree;

The 1950's when Lionel produced some of the finest trains in their history, and

The 1960's which saw some very unusual (and now hard to find) offerings reflecting the times.

Dave's Trains Inc. consistently sells at two train shows a year. If you would like to see our selection in person or just meet us -- come to one of the shows! Just click here to see our show schedule and find out where we will have our trains on display during the next few months.

We also have a strong database of customers who form the lifeblood of our mail-order business. Additional business is generated as a result of membership in the world's most prestigious train club -- the Train Collectors Association (TCA)!

Dave's Trains Inc. is a relatively small but highly customer-focused operation. For example, we receive frequent compliments about the care given to preparing our shipments. We have been told that our packaging work is "world class." Overall, we have an ongoing desire to achieve a few goals that will keep you coming back to our website:

Dave's Trains Inc. can trace its roots back to Christmas morning, 1952 when my parents gave me a used train set consisting of a 2020 Turbine and some freight cars plus a handful of accessories. Every Christmas for the next twelve years, the set experienced some modest growth. Those trains were played with the entire year until I started college when they were packed away for a couple of decades. In 1986 I discovered train shows and quickly, my trains emerged from their dormant state. In 1989, after accumulating enough doubles and triples, I started selling at train shows and then via mail order. In 1994 it became a full-time venture.

We are glad that you are here and we will do everything we can to give you a reason to come back. In the meantime, we urge you to include us as one of your bookmarks or favorite places website listings right now!

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