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Dave's Trains, Inc.
PO Box 367 ~~ Martinsville, NJ ~~ 08836-0367
Phone: 732-271-5124 (9 AM to 10 PM Eastern)
Dave's Trains, Inc.

Specializing in: Old Postwar (1945 - 1969) Lionel Trains and
Russian Model Trains produced in the Soviet Union (USSR) from 1951 - 1969.

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Welcome to the Home Page of We sell old trains! Our selection includes a variety of high-quality vintage Postwar Lionel engines, rolling stock, cabooses, passenger cars, accessories and original boxes. "Space & Military" pieces and hard-to-find items are usually in stock to further complement our offerings. We also developed four useful Postwar Lionel reference charts to help with repairs, layout operations, collecting and building your knowledge base. They are not sold anywhere else! We also buy trains! Click here if you have trains to sell!

Want something truly different and unusual? We offer Soviet Union trains from the 1950's & 1960's! These charming trains and accessories from the Stalin and Khrushchev eras provide a glimpse into the fascinating world of postwar Russia and the rest of the USSR. Read about "Comrade Gateman" and the somewhat bizarre connection to Lionel and other toy train manufacturers.

The best way to understand our website is to go to the Table of Contents web page. If this is your first visit to, we urge you to read the About Us web page.

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Always Buying Trains!

We are always interested in buying trains, particularly clean, original Postwar and Prewar Lionel items. If you have trains for sale, please provide us with a list and your asking price. Here is a web page that should help you with the process: We Buy Trains -- any condition, any amount!

If you are prepared to sell your trains, please click on the box below for various ways to contact us.

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How to Contact Dave's Trains, Inc.

Dave's Trains, Inc.
PO Box 367
Martinsville, NJ 08836-0367

Telephone: 732-271-5124 (9 AM - 10 PM Eastern) ~~~ FAX: 732-271-9285 (Anytime)
e-mail us by going to our
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